Japanese Stone Lanterns

Japanese stone lanterns are synonymous with Japanese gardens. Customers can browse and buy our Japanese Granite lanterns securely online or in store. Our stock is displayed at our unique Japanese Garden Centre in Kent. Our collection of Japanese lanterns is the UK’s most comprehensive.

Japanese lanterns are found in many styles. Column lanterns such as Oribe, Kasuga, and Yunoki are often seen along pathways in tea gardens.  By comparison, Snow lanterns such as Narabe Yukimi, Kodai Rokakku Yukimi and Kodai Maru Yukimi are widely used in oriental water garden arrangements. Our Japanese stone lanterns are available in various sizes so you will find one that suits your project.

Large Japanese stone lanterns are great as the focal feature in a big space. A medium / small Japanese lantern will fit into gardens where space is at a premium. Experienced stone masons painstakingly carve our lanterns by hand. We make regular visits to our suppliers to ensure that our products offer excellent value for money and are of the finest quality.

We can cater for bespoke Granite lanterns. If you are interested in a different style then we’d be more than happy to help. Please email or ring us to discuss your thoughts.

Japanese Stone Lanterns

We stock three ranges of Japanese lanterns; two for full size garden ornaments, both of which guarantee authenticity and quality. In addition we have just released a range of miniature lanterns.

Our Kyoto range of Japanese lanterns offers exceptional attention to detail and a crisp, fine chiseled surface finish. These ornaments are carved from very fine flecked silver grey granite that is preferred in Japan.

By comparison the Nara range of Japanese lanterns has a traditional, ‘craftsman’ appearance with a slightly more textured finish. These oriental stone lanterns are carved from a silver grey granite that has a larger fleck pattern and more closely resemble the very first lanterns introduced into Japanese garden culture.

The Miniature range are small, hand carved versions of the popular stone lanterns. These are still rich with detail and are the perfect size for an indoor miniature garden arrangement, or gift. typically these stone lanterns are around 10 cm tall.