Japanese Water Basins

Customers love our wide range of natural stone Japanese water basins that are available from stock in all the traditional styles that you would see in authentic Oriental gardens. Create the most attractive oriental water feature using one of our granite Japanese water bowls that are all hand carved from natural silver-grey granite.

Japanese water bowls are used to create traditional Japanese water features, such as ‘Tsukubai’ which literally translated means a low basin. In Japan, guests would be invited to cleanse their hands and face with the water from the basin, before entering the Teahouse. This makes the water basin arrangement an integral part of any Tea garden or Stroll garden. This feature typically consists of the following items; the stone water basin itself, a set of Kneeling stones, a bamboo Water spout, a bamboo Ladle and rest and a Japanese lantern to complete the arrangement.

Stone water basins are available for purchase securely on-line, or by visiting our unique Japanese Garden Centre where they are on display in our delightful Japanese gardens.

Click on the images below for comprehensive information on the traditional styles, their uses, pricing and size information.

Our Japanese water basins Ranges

As direct importers, we offer two distinct ranges of basins to match our Kyoto and Nara Japanese lanterns. The Kyoto range of basins are carved from a very fine fleck granite matching the Kyoto lanterns and with an identical surface finish ensuring the highest quality products for your project.

By comparison, the Nara range of basins are carved from a granite with a coarse fleck pattern to match the Nara lanterns and with an identical surface finish that results in a more rustic appearance reminiscent of very old ornaments seen in ancient Japanese gardens.