Set I – Blue Grey Granite


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A set of 2 blue grey granite feature stones.

Stone 1: H 60cm* W: 90kgs

Stone 2: H 85cm* W: 170kgs

This stone is very hard and will not crack in cold weather. Colours vary from green, steely blue, through to plum with some pieces showing white quartz veins.

Each rock should be buried slightly in the ground (minimum 10cm). To provide greater stability we recommend cementing them in the ground.  *Sizes may vary once buried in the ground.

Adding plants:

We think this standing stone pair would look great with some cloud-style planting and a tall plant to add height behind. The pictures show placeholder plants to give an idea of what they would look like. These are not the exact plants you would receive. Before dispatch we will confirm and send pictures of the plants we have chosen, this will depend on current stock availability. 

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Weight 160 kg
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No Plants just standing stones, Add cloud planting, Add Tall plant behind, Add Cloud planting & Tall plant behind