4 Drilled Tenshi standing stone


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4 – Drilled Tenshi Standing Stone: W: 85kg & H: 100cm*

*Height is measured from the base of the stone. For stability approx 10-20cm of the stone needs to be buried into the ground.

Tenshi standing stones are an attractive green to grey colour, with striking bright white bands running through the stone. Formed from Gneiss this hard durable stone is the ideal material for standing stone groupings in Japanese gardens.

This stone has been drilled to create a running water feature.

The price of the stone includes a feed pipe and electric pump. The pump has an adjustable flow rate so you can regulate the flow and comes with 10m cable length (plug not included).

Each drilled stone needs a pump, but up to 3 pumps can be used in one water feature kit. Water feature kit must be purchased separately, link here.

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 100 cm