Niwaki GR Pro Snips


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Made in Japan, the Niwaki Pro snips are precision made from KA-70 carbon steel and perfect for those delicate small jobs around the garden where heavy duty secateurs are simply too large.  They are the ideal tool for tasks such as light pruning or flower dead heading. The maximum recommended cut is 5 mm in diameter. Keeping the blades clean, and through correct use, these Pro snips will last you a lifetime. The blades can be sharpened using a sharpening stone every couple of weeks.  In addition, the Pro snips are supplied with a spare spring that can be substituted when necessary. Blades are 62mm and handles come with vinyl grips.

Size: 205mm x 52mm x 21mm

Look after your snips with our tool care kit.

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Dimensions 20.2 cm