Ilex Crenata ‘Convexa’


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Ilex Crenata is the botanical name for Japanese Holly; it is a slow-growing evergreen plant with small glossy dark green leaves. New growth is light green before turning darker.

These young ‘cloud’ trees are grown from the variety ‘Convexa’ which bear small black berries and styled trees such as these are very popular in Japanese Gardens.

We presently have a small number of these lovely trees in stock. The photograph shown on this page illustrates one of them, so may we suggest that you ask us to send an image of the others so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your garden. Maintaining the ‘clouds’ of the foliage pads is a relatively easy task and the excess growth can be simply cut off using sharp secateurs or pruning shears. Growth on the underside of the foliage pads should be removed for best results.

*Height is measured from soil level.

Pictures and tree size as of June 2020

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