140 Acer pal Crimson Princess


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An Acer palmatum Crimson Princess has bright red foliage in spring, which turns reddish-purple in the summer. In Autumn leaves can turn scarlet. Japanese maples are deciduous and therefore drop their leaves in winter.

Acer palmatum Crimson Princess grows well in full sun or partial shade. Japanese maples do not like to be dry or waterlogged, they thrive best when the soil around is kept moist. The Acer will grow as an upright shaped tree or shrub.

The pictures represent the exact tree you would receive and its current size is approximately 130cm tall* with 50-60m spread. 18L pot size.

*from soil level

Pictures in leaf and tree size as of April 2022

Please refer to our how to.. look after a Japanese Maple article to read our tips on when to plant, prune and water your Japanese maple.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 130 cm
Acer Colour in Summer

Red, Orange or Purple

Acer Colour in Autumn

Red, Orange or Purple