• Dimensions: 1.5 acre section of large estate
  • Build time: Completed in several phases over 18 months

Built on different levels most of which was completely over grown, this is the largest project we have yet undertaken. The Client wanted to redesign the lower section of his garden which incorporated his natural Koi pond. All work, including excavation of a new stream and the transportation of over 40 tonnes of rock had to be done by hand. We created a new entrance to the garden, opening up a large expanse of terrace. By dividing this top portion into 4 sections we could use a range of different traditional Japanese garden elements. The new Yorkstone crazy paving path, which meanders through the garden is over 500 meters long and crosses the stream and pond in several places. The images below are in order showing each feature as it appears from the top of the path to the bottom. The stream requires 2 pumps to produce the 25,000 litre an hour flow that cascades down lower waterfall. Although this garden is large we have managed to make it feel intimate by using specimen plants and lush evergreen planting which enclose several viewpoints.

This garden formed the basis of Howard’s Keynote lecture at the Japanese Garden Society of Great Britain’s Annual General Meeting in 2015. Click on the images below to make them larger or share them on social media.