Evergreen Shrubs

As the name suggests, Evergreen shrubs do not lose their leaves during the winter. This means that they provide structure and points of Interest within a Japanese garden all year round. Although most shrubs flower, they do not bloom in abundance. If you are looking to inject colour into your Japanese garden then Acers (Japanese Maples) or Rhododendrons fit that criteria.

Caring for Evergreen shrubs

As these plants are evergreen, they lose water through their leaves all year round meaning they are reliant on being watered frequently. Applying Mulch also helps reduce the soil getting dry during harsher weather conditions.

At our Nursery

With stock constantly changing we do not sell our plants online. We try to focus on plants that compliment a Japanese style garden, and therefore we do not stock a large range of species.  If you are interested in more information about our current stock please get in touch with us. For some examples of varieties we stock at the Japanese Garden Centre please see below.

Bloombux Rhododendron

Pieris japonica 



Pittosporum Tom Thumb 

Pittosporum Variegatum

Nandina domestica 



Fatsia japonica

Mahonia soft caress