• Dimensions:  45m2
  • Build time: 2 weeks

We created a dark grey granite floating path above the main planting beds. The paving was cut in situ to create a curving path through the garden. As the courtyard is between two walls of the house, this presented the opportunity to create a tranquil garden that has several viewpoints.

In the corner of the courtyard is a stepping stone pathway leading to a seating area consisting of two silver grey curved granite benches. A water feature with traditional kneeling stones and Scottish cobbles is positioned nearby so the tranquil sound of running water can be heard while sitting in the garden. A shallow corten steel bowl was powder coated dark grey to provide a modern twist on a Japanese water basin arrangement. Feeding the water feature is a horizontal bamboo spout. The back of the horizontal spout is hidden within evergreen planting. Alongside the water feature is low ground cover planting consisting of ophiopogon nigrescens, ophiopogon minor and mind your own business*. There is also an ilex crenata cloud tree.

Directly in front is a 90cm Kodai Maru Yukimi granite lantern with an electric light which creates low ambient lighting in the evening. Near the lantern is evergreen planting of Pittosporum and ferns. Opposite this bed is a Tenshi standing stone arrangement of 3 rocks which are underplanted with Bloombux Rhododendron. Behind the standing stones are Nandina domestica planted in a dark grey planter and a tall green leaf Japanese Acer.

The planting beds were top dressed in 6mm silver grey zen gravel.

*This project was completed in April 2021. We visited the garden again in August 2022 and some pictures shown here show the spread of low ground cover plants since planting.