We were invited to create a Japanese Garden within the Eiffel Tower for Mitsubishi Corporation ‘Spacejet’ launch ahead of The Paris Airshow 2019.

The Japanese company wanted a display garden that encapsulated their core values; a foliated quartzite standing stone arrangement represented strength and power, a powder coated shallow basin demonstrated purity and the importance of reflection whilst a Kasuga lantern was placed on the stage to highlight the importance of history and tradition. A variety of plants within planters were also positioned on the stage around a sea of 6mm silver grey gravel consisting of Rhododendron mic ‘bloombux’, Pieris ‘Little Health’, Nandina domestica ‘Richmond’, Fargesia murelae ‘Rufa’ and Japanese blood grass. Specimen plants included a 30-year old Pinus mugo ‘carstens wintergold’, a weeping cedar and an Acer palmatum ‘crimson queen’.

Howard and the team are extremely honoured to have created the first garden display in history within the Eiffel Tower, Paris. The weekend was a great experience that will not be forgotten quickly. We would again like to take the opportunity to thank Mitsubishi Corporation and BCD Meetings & Events for inviting us to be part of this successful and memorable collaboration.