• Dimensions:  15m2
  • Build time: 1 week

We completed two indoor gardens in RAI, a Japanese restaurant in London. In an intimate setting, the owners wanted guests to be immersed in nature during their meal.

The first garden features a 40cm Sumo san lantern with bespoke light diffusers and tall Tenshi standing stones. In front of the window, we installed a traditional water feature arrangement with an elegant Oribe lantern.

On the other side of the entrance, the second garden featured 5 blue-grey granite standing stones with underplanting. The gardens were top dressed with 6mm silver-grey zen gravel and Kuro basalt cobbles.

The restaurant has two planters outside where we created a standing stone feature using square palisades. Either side we planted a combination of bamboo and pieris. The planters were dressed with 14mm silver-grey zen gravel.

All indoor artificial plants were supplied by Interior Landscaping products.