• Dimensions: 2 areas; 4x1m, 4.5x1m.
  • Build Time: Preparation work was done off-site, and installation took 3 days on site to complete.

Following the success of the first Kimchee in High Holborn, we were again approached to complete an indoor garden for a new Kimchee restaurant to open in the newly developed prestigious Pancras Square, London. We were given a brief by the Japanese architect and Mr. Kim for two different concepts; one at the entrance of the restaurant and one garden on the lower floor. The gardens were built off site at our garden centre in Kent and transported to site to be re-assembled and put in place.

The entrance garden is a modern twist on a Japanese Garden. At the forefront are some natural stones set in a ‘sea of gravel’ and surrounded by moss to represent mountains emerging from the forest. Beyond this, is a contemporary granite water feature. We were given a cad illustration of the proposed water feature, this was to form the illusion of a series of natural waterfalls. From this, we made a prototype to ensure that the proportions were correct to fit the space. We commissioned a Factory in Portugal to make the water feature. In total the water feature took 6-8 weeks from concept to completion. In the third section of the garden is more traditional Japanese garden elements, being an Oribe sand stone lantern from Japan and a large Raphis Palm.

The lower basement garden comprises of a large granite trough; a bamboo water spout feeds the trough. The water is illuminated with a low level LED strip tape. The external surface is covered by silver grey cobbles. The trough sits in front of a granite clad wall, which we had custom manufactured for this project in Spain. Although a very simple concept, it has produced a striking feature, enhancing the restaurants atmosphere.

Pictures of the finished gardens can be seen below.