• Dimensions: 25m2
  • Build time: 3 weeks

A curved pathway of dark grey granite paving cuts through this outdoor garden in the centre of the house. Stepping out of the lounge towards the dining area you are immediately presented with a traditional Natsume bachi water feature arrangement, bamboo water spout and a 96cm Oribe granite lantern. Behind the arrangement is a tall japanese maple called Acer palmatum ‘pixie’. Ground cover planting includes Pieris, ophiopogon and Sarcococca humilis. The pathway leads to a seating area with a silver grey curved bench to sit and enjoy the garden whilst taking in the sweet scent of the Sarcococca planted nearby.

The other-side of the pathway sees the second of the ‘islands’ amongst a sea of gravel. Within this planted bed are attractive sculpture stones, representing mountains with cloud shaped evergreen planting around their base. Bloombux, a new form of Rhododendron was used to create this feature. A variety of evergreen plants were incorporated into this bed to add interest and a weeping red Japanese acer palmatum dissectum ‘Garnet’ proudly emerging from behind the feature rocks.