• Dimensions: 14m2
  • Build time: 4 weeks

With a pre-existing stream, our client wanted a traditional Japanese tea house to compliment their Japanese garden. In front of the tea house we constructed a traditional Japanese water feature using a natural bamboo spout and a 45cm Natsume bachi. 

The building is approximately 4.30m by 3.10m, with a composite deck to the front. The building is fully insulated and the roof is finished with Canadian Cedar shingles. The external walls are furnished with traditional shoji windows and a fully functioning crawl hole. The tea house sits beside the stream with one leg overhanging the pond. A low energy heating system was installed to allow year-round use.

Internally the floor was covered in Tatami mats with a narrow timber frame securing them in place. A raised Tokonoma and display area was created in one corner.