• Dimensions: 90m2
  • Build time: 8 weeks

Panel walls were constructed to cut off the view of the Japanese garden from the house. A simple moon gate opening offers a glimpse of the garden, creating a secluded or ‘secret’ Japanese garden. The Japanese garden was built on top of an old filled in swimming pool. This meant that to incorporate planting, raised beds were created in combination with attractive black planters. Features within the garden include a ‘fishermans net’ with a Tenshi standing stone arrangement and attractive granite half spheres. Within the raised beds are some Japanese maples, a traditional water feature arrangement, blue grey granite feature stones and evergreen domed-shaped planting. 

A path of irregular stepping stones takes you through the garden and around to an area of decking upon which a Japanese tea house was built. The teahouse is fully insulated with heating, plumbing and electrics making it a fully functioning area for entertaining guests. A table elevates up when needed, and can be lowered to floor level when not in use to make the room more versatile. Inside furnishings also included creating a tokonoma, a raised alcove for art appreciation.