Purple slate no. 8 house sign



Purple slate no. 8 house sign

Purple Slate Standing Stones are very popular due to their colour. Simply described as purple, tones can alter between colours such as milky white, cream and ochre.

These are natural pieces of stone, which means that size, shape and individual characteristics differ. For stability part of the stone needs to be buried into the ground, approximately indicated by the blue dotted line in the product image.

Approx. dimensions:

L: 68cm x H: 40cm x D: 8cm 45kgs

This stone costs £95.00 + signage option.

Signage options:
  1. We typically use a stainless steel plaque to show the house name/number. An example of a stainless steel plaque can be seen in ‘The Chase’ image.
  2. We also work closely with an experienced stone mason who can engrave directly into the stone. This work is completed at our site and is charged per letter. Example can be seen in the ‘Shiva’ image.

If you are interested in this rock please email us, including the text you would like displayed on the sign and your preference to a plaque or engraving direct into the stone and we will create a quote for you.

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