Bamboo Water Spout – Horizontal


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Our horizontal bamboo water spout is the most appropriate with Shallow water basin arrangements.
We suggest that customers set it up so the back end of the bamboo spout is hidden by dense planting. 

They are between 100-120 cm long and approx. 80 mm in diameter. The water spout rests on two crossed bamboo canes, that customers simply push into the ground to the required height. In addition the spouts are supplied with a generous length of ID 13 mm transparent hosepipe to fit a small submersible water pump.

We always have these spouts in stock and can be purchased from our Japanese garden centre. Alternatively, the spout can be delivered by Courier. If your project requires a different size spout, we would be happy to make one for you; it only takes a few days.

To compliment the bamboo water spout

For an Oriental water arrangement we suggest that customers also get a Japanese water basin, bamboo water ladle & rest, kneeling stones and a water feature kit.

Natural Bamboo

Please note that as these spouts are made from natural bamboo, it is common for splits within the bamboo to appear. This is a natural process, and of which does not symbol a poor quality of product.

Additional information

Weight 5.01 kg
Dimensions 120 × 8 × 8 cm