Okatsune Secateurs


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Made in Japan, Okatsune secateurs are made from carbon steel and are made to last. A simple and robust design, it’s no wonder these secateurs are many gardeners top choice. A chunky catch at the bottom keeps the secateurs securely shut when not in use. These secateurs feature sturdy vinyl grip handles that are coloured red and white. In addition, we supply a spare spring that can be substituted when necessary. Blades are 55mm.

Size: 202mm x 46mm x 21mm

Caring for your tools: 

The blades are made from Carbon steel, and through use they will naturally stain or rust, and become less sharp. Although strong, the blades can be damaged through misuse of the secateurs. They should not be used to cut stone, plastics etc., or large hard wood branches; the guidelines recommend cutting material no larger than 15 mm in diameter. Before being put away remove any leaf residue left on the blades, wipe and dry. Over time blades may loose their sharp edge, which is where a sharpening stone comes in handy. 

Knives or Sharp Blades

By law we are not allowed to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18. By placing an order online you are declaring you are over 18 and eligible to buy this item. After placing an order we will email you to ask to verify your ID. We may follow up with a phone call if necessary before processing your order. Blades should always be used responsibly.


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