Suiseki (Mitzutame-ishi)


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This stone is called Mitzutame-ishi translating to waterpuddle stone due to its appearance of having shallow depressions that could hold water.

“Suiseki”, or “viewing stones” is a popular form of Japanese art. The stones are formed through time naturally by water and wind erosion, and it is the size and shape of the stone that gives it its name and significance.

An individual’s perception and interpretation of a stone will often differ but it, in general, the stones represent values such as stability, longevity, and immortality. Commonly, Suiseki stones take the form of distant mountains, waterfalls, animals or islands. This stone is made from weathered serpentine.

The art of Suiseki has been integrated into Japanese culture since the Asuka Period (538-710 AD) and to this day remains a popular form of art across the world.



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