Silver Grey ZEN gravel


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Our Silver grey gravel, or Zen gravel, is the ideal ground cover to use in your Japanese garden. This attractive material is what you would find in Karesansui style gardens in Japan and can represent water in ‘dry landscape’ projects. Mica content in the ‘salt & pepper’ fleck sparkles in the sunlight to contrast with the deep green of evergreen plants, or the vivid red tones of Japanese Maples.

If you intend to rake a pattern into the gravel, you should allow around 75 mm depth of gravel in those areas. In our opinion, only the 6mm gravel will enable you to achieve the peaks and troughs associated with ZEN raked patterns. To rake the gravel effectively, we suggest using one of our rakes.

The minimum order is 10 x 25kg bags. If you are purchasing zen gravel as part of a larger order with other items please email us as we may be able to supply less than 10 bags.

Silver Grey gravel sizes

Our granite chippings are available in three sizes; 6mm, 14mm, and 20mm.

A 25 kg bag of gravel will cover about a third of a square meter. By comparison, a ‘bulk’ bag will cover about 15 square meters laid to 25 mm depth.

To lay the gravel to a sufficient depth to rake we suggest you’ll need 150kgs gravel (6 x 25kg bags) per square meter. After a while gravel does settle slightly.

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