Natural Japanese Stone Bench


Our unique natural stone benches are made by slicing very large river boulders to form the seat slabs. The top surface is polished to expose the colour and beauty of the stone and the edges of the seat are left natural for added interest.  Prepare a solid, level base for the support blocks that are made from smaller boulders then it’s a two man lift to position the seat in place.  Use an exterior grade MS polymer to secure the slab in place. they vary in size from 120 to 140 cm x 40 cm and height from 46 cm to 50 cm.

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The most natural of all the benches in our range, the natural Japanese stone bench will look good in any outdoor setting and requires no maintenance.
These unique benches are cut from huge, water worn boulders and supported by two chunky rounded stones, which are specially selected to match the top of the bench. 

Every seat slab is different in shape, features a natural stone edge and polished top surface.  Please note that the seat slab may have veins of lighter colour stone running through the bench;  this is an integral part of the stone composition and not a flaw.
They measure around 120 to 135 cm long by 40 cm wide and sit 38 cm above the finished floor level.

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Length varies: approx. 120cm to 135 cm
Height: 38 cm
Weight: 180 kg

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Weight 290 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 46 cm