2 Ilex crenata ‘Glory Gem’


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Ilex crenata ‘Glory Gem’ is a member of the Japanese Holly family and is a great replacement for Box, as it is not affected by blight. This evergreen has small dark green leaves all year round, with small flowers in spring and black berries in the winter.

Ilex crenata ‘Glory Gem’ lends itself perfectly to cloud pruning due to its small leaves, compact growing habit and slow growth rate. To maintain the shape of the foliage pads pruning is required once a year towards the end of the summer. This tree will grow in most soil conditions but requires watering during a hot summer. This tree has an excellent windswept trunk shape, which lends itself to growing over a stream/pond. 13 dense foliage pads create a lovely cloud effect. The height is measured from the soil level.

Number of foliage pads: 13

Height : 130cm, Width 120 cm x 120 cm. 

*picutres and size as of July 2020

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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 130 cm