Michikaze Sandstone


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Michikaze represents ‘wind’ and it is believed that the horizontal lines across the lantern are said to portray the movement of wind. Hand carved from natural sandstone, this lantern can stay outside in the garden all year round or be displayed indoors.  The beauty of a lantern such as this lies in the extraordinary detail in the carving and finish.  The base block appears to be hewn from a rock still partially buried in the ground so that it is ‘anchored’ for stability.  The hexagonal light box has six apertures, one with an intricate basket weave pattern and others open allowing a tea candle to be placed inside to create a low ambient light at night.

This lantern comes in 6 separate pieces. Provide a solid, level base and all other the pieces will sit securely one on top of each other. If you live in a particularly windy area or you are concerned about children or animals knocking into the lantern you can stick the pieces together using a transparent, outdoor adhesive such as Stixall.

Height: 155cm

Base dia: 50cm x 50cm

Weight: approx. 300kgs

Hand carved

This lantern has been intricately hand carved by an experienced Japanese artisan. Each lantern piece has been delicately carved from a larger stone block with specialised hand tools. It takes decades of practice to carve with precision. The beauty of this lantern is testament to the high quality stone used and the skill of the artisan.

From first contacting individual Japanese craftsmen in early 2021 we are excited that we finally have received our ‘made to order’ limited collection of stone lanterns and basins. We chose two master craftsmen from different regions of Japan to showcase the best quality stone and artisan talent. These craftsmen, the stone, and their lanterns are designated as traditional crafts by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 155 cm