Kakudai Kaku Lantern


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The Kakudai Kaku Japanese stone lantern is delicately hand carved in silver-grey granite. Because of its bold figure, this granite ornament will be an attractive focal point in any Oriental style garden. Despite its size, you’ll be amazed at the intricate detail of the light box.

The base of the granite ornament is rectangular in shape, with a two tier top. The column rises from the centre and is topped by a square section. In addition, above the lightbox sits a square head and a small circular bobble to complete the look. This column lantern – Tachi-gata – is only available at 150cm tall.

This lantern comes in 6 separate pieces. You can leave the pieces sitting freely on top of each other. If you live in a particularly windy area or you are worried about children or animals knocking into the lantern you can stick the pieces together using a clear, outdoor adhesive such as Stixall.

Additions to the Kakudai Kaku

The solid granite lightbox can accommodate up to 1 wooden light diffusers. Diffusers are £40 each. Please phone for details or to add to your order.

This Japanese stone lantern is not drilled. You can place a tea light or candle in this lantern to produce light.

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 150 cm