Kasuga Japanese Lantern – Nara


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The Kasuga Japanese stone lantern is hand carved from natural silver-grey granite in 6 pieces. It is one of the most ornate oriental lanterns. The name comes from the Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara, Japan established in 768AD. The lantern has a textured finish, giving it a more rustic feel than the Kasuga in the Kyoto range

These tall, imposing lanterns were traditionally used to line the path from the outside gates – Torii – to the temple entrance and so act as guardians of the temple.

The top of the lantern is carved to resemble a lotus blossom, which is the flower of paradise and a symbol of purity. The light box is also intricately carved; one face bears the image of a Sikka deer, native to Japan and once considered to be sacred.

One of our Kasuga lanterns would be a most attractive focal point in any Japanese garden.

This lantern comes in 6 separate pieces. You can leave the pieces sitting freely on top of each other. If you live in a particularly windy area or you are worried about children or animals knocking into the lantern you can stick the pieces together using a clear, outdoor adhesive such as Stixall.

This Japanese stone lantern is not drilled. You can place a tea light or candle in this lantern to produce light.

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