Japanese Maples are versatile. They can be planted in the ground or in containers. 

The best time to plant is in Autumn. Ensure the tree is planted a minimum of four weeks before the ground is set to freeze during the winter. 

Although Acers are known to grow anywhere, they prefer dappled shade. Areas that are exposed to morning sun and afternoon shade are ideal. 

Mulch your Acer with shredded bark roughly 6cm deep. This will help prevent water evaporating from the soil around the roots. During the winter mulch also helps protect the roots from the cold. Leave a slight gap between the mulch and trunk to help air circulation. 

The soil needs to be consistently moist, so look to water the Acer deeply once or twice a week and make sure the soil is free draining. In drought conditions the Acer (especially newly planted Acers) may require more frequent watering. 

Look to prune your Acer late summer/early autumn. Sap does not run from cuts during this period, which helps protect the Acer from diseases.  

For any more tips on how to look after your Japanese Maple, or if you have any questions, please contact us through email: info@rhinorock.co.uk or by phone: 01622 872403. Equally, feel free to leave a question in a comment below

For a downloadable copy please click here –  how to.. look after a Japanese Maple pdf

Japanese Maple