Large Water Feature Kit..

We suggest using our Large water feature kit as illustrated on the setting up instructions attached. In our opinion, this would be a professional installation for the client and ensure years of hassle free service.
The large water feature kit consists of a large tank, an angle iron top frame, fine mesh covering, a large piece of pond liner and a suitable pump. In principal the stone water basin that you have can sit on the prepared area and partially over the tank providing you leave the access hatch clear for maintenance.

Step 1

Dig a hole and set the tank into the ground and ensure that it is level.

Step 2

Fill with water to weight the tank down. 

Step 3

Backfill some soil around the tank and profile it to form a ‘shower tray’ with sloping sides to the tank (75mm below the rim of the tank). Lay a bed of concrete following the slope to finish level with the top of the tank and allow to cure.

Step 4

Lay some fleece on top of the concrete to protect the liner and cut a circular hole to the rim. Lay the liner making some cuts directly over the tank as shown but do not cut right to the edge of the rim. Allow the flaps to dangle into the tank. 

Step 5

Form a 50mm bed of mortar over the liner to the edge of the tank. Before drying, set the angle iron frame into the mortar making indents to hold it in place. Ensure that it’s in the right location to allow access into the tank. Remove the Iron frame and let it cure. 

Step 6

Once cured empty the water, clean the tank and refill. Place the pump into the tank. Lay the angle iron frame and mesh top in place. Put the hosepipe from the bamboo spout under the mesh and connect to the pump. Set the basin on the skirt of the mortar beside the tank. 

Step 7

Connect the pump lead to the mains power and run the feature. Adjust the flow of the water until it;s how you want and check that it’s not splashing out of the liner. Leave it to run for a few days before cutting any excess liner around the feature and before putting the cobbles in place. 

Trouble shooting
  • If you have to top the tank up frequently then check that the water is not escaping the liner. 
  • If the water does not flow check that there is sufficient water in the reservoir. 
  • If the pump does not work, switch off the power and check the impeller is free of debris. 
  • If still in doubt, please contact us by phone 01622 872403 or by email