Japanese Water Ladle and Rest


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Traditionally, the Japanese water Ladle & rest forms part of a water basin arrangement. Made from natural bamboo, the ladles feature a cup approx. 80 mm in diameter and 85 mm high with an elegant bamboo handle measuring approx. 370 mm long.

It is the perfect decoration to complete your Japanese water basin feature.

If your project requires a different size water ladle and rest, we would be happy to make one for you; it only takes a few days.

The ladle straddles the stone water basin and sits on a bamboo rest measuring 250 mm long, made from two fine diameter canes, or one peeled bamboo finish measuring 350mm, depending on the style chosen.

If you are looking to buy the ladle and rest for a water basin arrangement, we suggest you also consider a water feature kit, bamboo spout – upright or horizontal, kneeling stones and a water basin.

Japanese water ladle & rest styles

We have two styles of bamboo ladle and rests; Kyoto and Nara style. The Kyoto set is made from peeled natural bamboo canes for a refined look.

The more traditional ladle and rest is the Nara style, which is bamboo in its natural state. The Nara style comes in two colours; Natural and Caramel.

Natural Bamboo

Please note that as these spouts are made from natural bamboo, it is common for splits within the bamboo to appear. This is a natural process, and of which does not symbol a poor quality of product.

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