Four-Eye Bamboo Fence


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We make traditional Four-eye bamboo fence panels for your Japanese garden project.

The Japanese fences are made from natural bamboo poles 18 to 25 mm in diameter. Where the bamboo canes cross each other, we pin the joints then tie with a decorative black string knot, typically seen in Japan.

This authentic bamboo fence is 60 cm high. We suggest that the fence sections are supported using round tree stakes driven into the ground for stability. The fence panels are available in 100cm lengths, but dowels are provided to link several lengths together, forming longer runs.

Made from natural bamboo, there may be some natural blemishes, splits and colour differences between products. Generally all bamboo products will split and discolour with age. However, this will not affect the performance of the products we supply.

We can also make taller panels for bespoke orders typically these would be 90cm in height.

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Dimensions 100 × 10 × 60 cm

60 cm