Japanese Tea House


Our elegant Japanese tea house for a Japanese garden is designed and pre-fabricated in our own UK workshops and can feature all the authentic detail such as Shoji doors and shoji windows.

We make them to order so that they are the ideal size and proportion for your project.  Our range of Japanese style buildings are not light weight, flat-pack structures, but made from fully insulated floor, wall and roof panels, timber trim (either treated softwood or Iroko hardwood) and Canadian Cedar shingles to clad the roof.

The modular panel walls are finished externally in a durable textured masonry paint, usually Sandstone colour, to contrast the decorative timber trim. The choice of timber can be treated softwood finished in a quality dark brown stain, or Iroko hardwood that is oiled. Please note that hardwood adds to the overall cost of the building.

Our Japanese tea houses can also feature traditional Shoji doors that either slide on a track or hinged,  a decorative Shoji window, Tokonoma alcove, Tatami mat floor covering or bamboo planks, and oriental style light fittings. Tea houses constructed recently have included power sockets, lighting and infra-red heat panels allowing the building to be used all year round. The charm of our Japanese tea house lies in the attention to detail such as the generous overhang of the roof and the natural granite ‘pad-stones’ that appear to support the building off the ground.

Japanese tea houses are all custom built to suit your project, so expect to pay from £35,000 for a pre-fabricated Japanese Tea house kit. We are also able to offer a delivery and installation service at extra cost.  Please contact us with your enquiry.

Planning Permission

Before engaging in building a Japanese tea house we recommend that you establish if you require planning permission. It is the customer’s responsibility to check if the proposed building falls within permitted development, or if needed, apply for planning permission. For more information please visit the Government planning portal.

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