Step 1

Unwrap the spout carefully, beware the end of the metal spike is sharp.

Step 2

Loosen the two screws using a screwdriver, twist the metal spike so that it is facing downwards and place the screws back in the top and bottom holes.

Step 3

The spike is pushed into the ground to provide the spout with stability.

Step 4

Two different diameters of hose pipe are supplied. Please use the pipe that fits best with your pump nozzle.

For a downloadable copy please click here –  how to.. set up an upright bamboo spout pdf

Trouble shooting

If you have any questions regarding setting up your bamboo spout feel free to call us on 01622 872403 or us at email


Materials you need for a upright bamboo spout

Natural Bamboo Spout

50 cm water spout

Caramel Bamboo Spout

Caramel Water Spout