Japanese Zen Garden Rake


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Create the traditional ‘ripples in the water’ and other raked patterns in your Zen garden using our simple Japanese Zen garden rake.

We have been building Japanese gardens in the UK for nearly 20 years, and in our opinion, you can only successfully rake the 6mm silver grey aggregate.

The tines on the rake are deep and set well apart to be able to achieve the ‘peaks and troughs’ characterised by the typical patterns in Zen gardens. For this reason, we suggest that the gravel should be around 100 mm thick, so you do use considerably more gravel than in areas where it is not raked.

Styles of Japanese zen garden rake

We have 2 styles on offer; The Hand-held or Tie-on rake. The Hand-held, as shown in the first picture is for small areas in the garden. While the Tie-on rake is designed to be used on larger areas of gravel, as it conveniently ties on to your standard garden rake. After use, simply un-tie the fixing string and store until required again.

Please note when buying the tie-on rake you do not receive a handle. The rake is designed to fit onto a standard garden rake.

These rakes are all handmade which means that they may vary slightly in size.

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