Light diffuser for Kasuga or Yunoki Lanterns


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Light diffuser for Kasuga or Yunoki Lanterns.

This style of diffuser is specifically designed to fit a Kasuga or Yunoki Japanese lantern.

These attractive, durable diffusers are made by us from translucent acrylic with a stained timber edge, and finished with a decorative detail across the window and can be purchased at £ 30 each. In Japan, you would only expect to see lanterns with diffusers, if they are fitted with a light or candle. They are most usually seen without!

If you already have a lantern and would like some diffusers, please send us accurate dimensions of the light box appertures so that we can make them to fit. All of our lanterns are hand carved and so will have slight dimensional variations.

Please note that these are suitable for Kasuga or Yunoki Japanese lanterns only.

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