Step 1

If you are using a tie on rake then attach it to the inside of a normal garden rake using the string provided. For smaller areas, a hand held rake may be more suitable. 

Step 2

Use a broom to make sure that the gravel is level creating a blank canvas for you to work with. To be successful, the 6mm gravel should be laid around 50-75mm deep.

Step 3

Always start in the middle of the area and work outwards so that you do not leave any footprints in the gravel. Apply pressure to the rake to ensure that the spikes are to a sufficient depth in the gravel and begin creating your patten. 

Step 4

Traditionally, a large proportion of the area should be clear, with concentric waves lapping around rocks or other features that sit within the sea of gravel. 

Trouble shooting

If the area of garden is exposed to high winds, or heavy rain then the gravel may lose its design quicker. Simply reapply the pattern or create a new one! For a downloadable copy please click here.

If in doubt please contact us by phone on 01622 872403 or by email

Products to create a zen garden

6mm silver grey gravelsilver grey gravel

Feature Stones

Raketie-on rake