Japanese Stream in Sittingbourne

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 5m x 16m – 80m2
  • Build time: 4 weeks

The rear of this garden backs on to a railway line, which the client was keen to hide. We achieved this by building a panel wall with leader roof tiles and a copper gutter detail to give the appearance of the front of a Japanese Tea House forming an attractive backdrop to the garden. A short stream runs over a small waterfall and into a tank, allowing a dry stream to flow under the bridge and into the middle of the garden. The stepping stone path winds its way across the dry stream to a gate at the rear of the garden. Other features include a Cloud tree, Eto lantern and evergreen planting on the right hand side of the garden to provide year round structure and colour.

Modern Japanese Garden – Rodmersham Green


  • Dimensions: 30m x 30m – 900m2
  • Build time: 12 weeks

This project consists of three gardens around a newly built house in Rodmersham Green, Kent. The ground floor of this two story house was built below ground level giving rise to two sunken Courtyard gardens, plus a lawned ground level area. The contemporary architecture encouraged us to create a series of modern features including a black Basalt water feature, a stainless steel blade of water from a natural slate wall, a shade sail covering an over-sized bespoke granite sofa, along with many other elements to complete the project.

1.5 Acre Japanese Stroll Garden


  • Dimensions: 1.5 acre section of large estate
  • Build time: Completed in several phases over 18 months

Built on different levels most of which was completely over grown, this is the largest project we have yet undertaken. The Client wanted to redesign the lower section of his garden which incorporated his natural Koi pond. All work, including excavation of a new stream and the transportation of over 40 tonnes of rock had to be done by hand. We created a new entrance to the garden, opening up a large expanse of terrace. By dividing this top portion into 4 sections we could use a range of different traditional Japanese garden elements. The new Yorkstone crazy paving path, which meanders through the garden is over 500 meters long and crosses the stream and pond in several places. The images below are in order showing each feature as it appears from the top of the path to the bottom. The stream requires 2 pumps to produce the 25,000 litre an hour flow that cascades down lower waterfall. Although this garden is large we have managed to make it feel intimate by using specimen plants and lush evergreen planting which enclose several viewpoints.

This garden formed the basis of Howard’s Keynote lecture at the Japanese Garden Society of Great Britain’s Annual General Meeting in 2015. Click on the images below to make them larger or share them on social media.

Modern Japanese Garden – Sevenoaks


  • Dimensions: 60m x 40m – 2,400m2
  • Build time: 3 months

In the heart of the old market town of Sevenoaks this modern Japanese garden features a few big, bold elements to mirror the contemporary architecture of the new build property.  Features include a natural slate wall rising from the Koi pond, and a dramatic Standing stone grouping with granite lantern. Our planting palette uses mature specimen plants such as Acer’s and large diameter clipped Box to create a Japanese garden in keeping with the Architects vision for the contemporary house. The gardens visual simplicity masks the rich detail in design and construction that helps achieve the look.

Indoor Japanese Gardens – Kimchee Restaurants London


  • Dimensions: 3 areas; 9x9m, 2x1m and 2x2m
  • Build Time: Preparation work was done off-site, and installation took 3 days on site to complete.

We were approached by the Mr. Kim, CEO of the Wasabi Group to design a series of Japanese gardens inside his new Korean restaurants in London. The first of these at Kimchee in High Holborn features three separate gardens and a window display. Subsequently, we were asked to build small feature gardens for both ‘Kimchee-to-go’ outlets located on New Oxford Street and the Strand. We have just completed another garden for a new Kimchee restaurant opening in London, to view more details of this project please click here.

All of the Kimchee gardens have to meet strict design briefs set by the Interior designer and the owner. The attention to detail and quality of the finished gardens always exceeds their exacting standards. The gardens are built off site, transported to site and re-assembled. It is a real testament to our team that we can produce these gardens to fit the spaces provided to the millimetre, built to budget and within the limited time schedules.

Contemporary Japanese Garden – Hitachi Finance


  • Dimensions: 2.4m diameter
  • Build time: 2 weeks off-site, 1 week on site.

We were commissioned to design and build an indoor garden in the reception at the new European Headquarters of Hitachi Capital (UK) Ltd. Our brief was simple; create a low maintenance garden as a focal point for their staff and visitors.

The vertical granite Palisades rising out of a sea of gravel, represent Hitachi’s market leading ‘City Blueprint’ initiative. Their global presence is depicted by the granite sphere. The addition of cloud planting round the base of the Palisades reminds us of our collective responsibility to environmental sustainability, by highlighting the close relationship between man made cities and nature. The white ring was specially commissioned for this project and is made in one solid unit.

Japanese Garden Display at Coolings

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 1,200 m2
  • Build time: 2 weeks

In 2014 we were invited to build a display garden by Coolings, one of the UK’s leading garden centres. Working in conjunction with the Coolings staff we created a large Japanese garden to promote their plants and our services. The focal point of the display was a Tea House designed by the late Maureen Busby;  this structure  featured in her Gold Medal winning garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower show. Our display garden was viewed from three sides and presented  ever changing vistas framed through the different sections of the Tea House. We created a pond with waterfall and a large lawn with specimen Acers and evergreen shrubs. The large framed window  emulates ‘a view from the House’ and is meant to inspire people to imagine themselves looking out of their windows onto a Japanese garden.

We also launched our bespoke granite Sofa’s at the exhibition. The ones featured in this project were designed by us and there only two sets in existence. They are a unique outdoor seating solution.

The Japanese Garden Society of Great Britain held its annual exhibition as part of the event.


Basement Courtyard Japanese Garden


  • Dimensions: 20m x 12m – 240m2
  • Build time: 3 weeks

We were commissioned to design and build this garden to aide the sale of the Courtyard flat at an exclusive residential development in Hampstead Heath. This project provided a number of garden design challenges due to both the low light levels and the very high enclosing walls.

Our design solution was to introduce a Japanese style panel wall with Cedar shingle roof detail and Shoji window to create the illusion of a courtyard in a Kyoto merchant house. The property benefited from a generous outdoor space so we built a large patio area using light coloured Silver grey granite paving to brighten the space.  A Japanese water basin arrangement with granite Kasuga lantern features in a planting bed with evergreen shrubs and Acers.  A Standing stone grouping and planters with tall Bamboo plants for screening completed our scope of work. The property sold shortly after we finished the garden.


Japanese Stream in Courtyard – Tree of Life

As part of a major redevelopment at the Tree of Life Centre in Hove we were contracted to build a Japanese-themed garden in their courtyard. The garden needed to be easily accessible so that patients could enjoy being outside in the sea air.

The gently flowing stream is the prominent feature and gives the space a sense of tranquillity. Our choice of cobblestones reflects the beaches of the south coast. The client’s chosen colour palette required us to import bespoke stepping stones and benches.

Japanese Garden in Chiswick, London.


  • Dimensions:
  • Build time: 6 weeks

This Japanese garden was built at a custom designed and built studio in Chiswick. The garden constructions started as the builders finished. We created a black basalt driveway and paths which lead through the garden. The dark paving shrinks into the distance and allows the planting to stand out. These are flanked by specimen acres, under planted with sedum as ground cover. We introduced a small stream, which you cross whilst walking through the garden. This running water adds an element of tranquility to the garden.