Sea and Islands Japanese Garden, Leeds


  • Dimensions: 270m2
  • Build time: 8 weeks

The theme of this garden is a ‘sea of gravel’ with lush undulating planting beds surrounding the sea. Bold features within the garden include a 120cm Kanjuji granite lantern, 90cm shallow bachi, blue grey granite feature stones and a Japanese cloud pruned Chamaecyparis amongst many Japanese maples and evergreen planting.

Besides a pre-existing Japanese tea house, a tall granite palisade feature garden was created, with cloud planting at the base complimented by a tall red leaf Acer Palmatum ‘Fireglow’ Japanese maple.

Modern Japanese Garden, Stoke-on-Trent


  • Dimensions: 200m2
  • Build time: 4 weeks

Phase one: The aim for this garden was to present two distinctly different concepts of a Japanese garden, which would work well together when viewed from the house. This project consisted of simple, yet bold elements. Within the lawn, Tenshi standing stones were positioned alongside a cloud tree and red leafed Japanese maple. In the sunken area of the garden existed a Koi pond and waterfall. We introduced a combination of evergreen and seasonal plants within this area. Linking the two levels of the garden is a pathway of silver grey granite irregular stepping stones and silver grey granite paving, next to a palisade retaining wall.

Phase two: Phase two focused on the driveway and front section of the garden. A variety of lush evergreen planting was used in and around bold stone features and specimen Japanese maples were used to inject changing colours throughout the seasons. Characteristic blue grey granite rocks create steps down into a seclude courtyard which contains a water wall and more planting.

The Japanese Garden at Capel Manor

About This Project

Howard and the team were involved in a two-part rejuvenation project of the Japanese Garden at Capel Manor. Work included rebuilding the stream and pond, front entrance and gateway, including creating a stone pathway linking the different areas of the garden together. Students and volunteers associated with Capel Manor College aided Howard in the rejuvenation project.

The Capel Manor Gardens are open to the public throughout the year. See their website for more information

Hammersmith Park, London

About This Project

We were approached by the Friends of Hammersmith Park to work on the project of rejuvenating the Japanese garden that exists within Hammersmith Park, London. The garden was originally built in 1910 as part of the Japan-British Exhibition and is a delightful oasis of calm in a busy urban environment.

Working alongside the Embassy of Japan in the UK, the Japan Society, Hammersmith and Fulham Council and the Japanese Garden Society we were commissioned to build and install a traditional Japanese Entrance gate ( Mon ) leading into the Japanese garden. The gateway was hand crafted from ‘green’ Oak, constructed in our workshops, transported to the park and installed. Twenty Kasuga lanterns, each standing 180 cm high, have been located around the Park with twelve lining the avenue of Japanese Cherry blossom trees leading to the gateway. Each lantern was sponsored by a Japanese company, with their names and logos engraved into the stone lanterns.

The work was undertaken during a two week period on site. We would like to thank all of the people involved in the project, from the Embassy, Local Council and the Friends of Hammersmith Park. We thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the project and hope it brings the residents of White City much joy in the years to come. 

The Shard, London

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 10m2 & 4m2

We were invited to design and install a Japanese garden arrangement within the Shard, one of the most iconic buildings in London. Within the foyer of the building a 10 m2 garden was installed, with an additional 4m2 garden under the staircase. In response to its high popularity, the garden was on display for two weeks; a week longer than originally agreed. 

The brief entailed creating an area of tranquility that employees could escape to throughout the working day. Products incorporated into the garden included limestone standing stones, an acer palmatum, Chinese scholar rock covered in bun moss, a sphere water feature, polished pebble seat and a Japanese ladle and rest. The arrangement under the staircase included silver grey granite palisades, a Sumo San granite lantern and rhododendron planting.

Japanese Stream and Pond, Halling

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 100m2
  • Build time: 6 Weeks

We were comssiomed to design and build a japanese inspired stream with small pond at this newly developed property. The garden benefits form having year round sun, so creating two seating areas was a key feature of the garden. this allows the client to become immersed in the garden. It also impacts on the design of the stream and pond, as it will be seen from several angles.

Howard, what an amazing job you and your entire team have done. I am just blown away by how fantastic it looks. From the very first moment we sat to discuss the concept to now seeing it in reality, your company has excelled in every way possible. A huge thanks from a very satisfied customer!
Mr. James

Japanese Entrance Garden with Formal Koi Pond

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 300m2
  • Build time: First phase – 4 weeks, Second phase – 4 weeks

This project involved moving and remodelling of an existing Koi pond to fit around a newly built extension. The client wanted to create a tranquil Japanese stroll garden to make use of her side entrance, linking the driveway to the rear of the property.

The central elements of the garden are a modern koi pond, clad with dark grey granite slabs. A natural stream running into the far end of the pond to improve water circulation and bring interest to the garden. A small raised teahouse catches the afternoon sun, and forms a good viewing platform.

Indoor Japanese Garden – Kimchee, Pancras Square.


  • Dimensions: 2 areas; 4x1m, 4.5x1m.
  • Build Time: Preparation work was done off-site, and installation took 3 days on site to complete.

Following the success of the first Kimchee in High Holborn, we were again approached to complete an indoor garden for a new Kimchee restaurant to open in the newly developed prestigious Pancras Square, London. We were given a brief by the Japanese architect and Mr. Kim for two different concepts; one at the entrance of the restaurant and one garden on the lower floor. The gardens were built off site at our garden centre in Kent and transported to site to be re-assembled and put in place.

The entrance garden is a modern twist on a Japanese Garden. At the forefront are some natural stones set in a ‘sea of gravel’ and surrounded by moss to represent mountains emerging from the forest. Beyond this, is a contemporary granite water feature. We were given a cad illustration of the proposed water feature, this was to form the illusion of a series of natural waterfalls. From this, we made a prototype to ensure that the proportions were correct to fit the space. We commissioned a Factory in Portugal to make the water feature. In total the water feature took 6-8 weeks from concept to completion. In the third section of the garden is more traditional Japanese garden elements, being an Oribe sand stone lantern from Japan and a large Raphis Palm.

The lower basement garden comprises of a large granite trough; a bamboo water spout feeds the trough. The water is illuminated with a low level LED strip tape. The external surface is covered by silver grey cobbles. The trough sits in front of a granite clad wall, which we had custom manufactured for this project in Spain. Although a very simple concept, it has produced a striking feature, enhancing the restaurants atmosphere.

Pictures of the finished gardens can be seen below.

Japanese Tea House and Garden around Koi Pond

About this Project

  • Dimensions: 50m x 70 m – 3,500 m2
  • Build time: 12 weeks

Our client was just completing an ambitious Koi pond and asked us to design and build a Japanese style Summer house, seating areas, planting beds and install large natural stepping stones to cross a shallow part of the pond.

The principal feature of this garden is a large Summer house made using Iroko hardwood under a cedar shingle roof with a large flat rock in the water allowing the owner to feed his fish directly in front of the building.  The rock was around 2 meters long x 1 meter wide and weighs around 2 tons.  A Japanese panel wall to the left of the building helps screen outbuildings beyond and provides an attractive backdrop for a Standing stone grouping, a Bloodgood Acer and clipped Azalea’s.

A paved seating for two of our curved beige granite benches sits beside the pond and has tall timber poles to enclose the area.  York stone crazy paving paths lead around the pond with large planting beds bordering the pond to soften the hard landscaping.

From our own stock of blue grey granite, we were able to find large, flat topped pieces to form the stepping stone path through the shallow water adding a typically Japanese detail to this project.  Other notable features include a 60 cm Misaki granite lantern on a rock in the water, and a 220 cm high Pergola style lantern beyond the pond in a prominent position.



Stream and Pond in Japanese Style Garden

About This Project

  • Dimensions: 12m x 20m – 240 m2
  • Build time: 6-8 weeks

This garden was constructed at the rear of a new build property in Harrietsham, Kent. The client had been inspired by a visit to Japan and wished to create a Japanese water garden. The main viewpoints of this garden are shown in the pictures below and the focal point being the stream which leads to a generous pond. We incorporated two seating areas at opposite ends of the garden to maximise the views. The positioning of the seating areas were also dictated by the path of the sun. It is this attention to detail in both planning and construction that allows us to create Japanese gardens which make the most of our clients outdoor space.