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This attractive Kiku bachi Japanese water basin or ‘Tsukubai’ is hand carved from natural silver grey granite. It is an authentic element in oriental landscapes. In addition, this oriental water bowl has a similar shape to the Chrysanthemum flower, which is highly honoured in Japanese culture. 

This style of water basin is available in 2 diameters.

Complete the Kiku bachi Japanese water basin arrangement

Typically, you would expect to see a Kiku bachi alongside an Upright water spout, Oribe lantern and kneeling stones. Equally, this granite basin will suit an arrangement with any of our Lanterns. To complete the look, we also suggest adding a bamboo water ladle & rest and water feature kit. For more details on what is required to make a water feature work please see our how to..set up a water feature guide sheet.

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