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Our elegant Japanese Shallow bachi is hand carved from natural silver grey granite and the stone bowl features a polished internal face and chiselled outer surface. This style of water basin is traditionally fed using a long horizontal bamboo spout partially hidden in low, evergreen shrubs. This arrangement results in a very pleasing oriental water feature . To complete the look we suggest you add a bamboo Water & rest, Kneeling stones and water feature kit. For more details on what is required to make a water feature work please see our how to..set up a water feature guide sheet. 

We have 3 different sizes of the Shallow basin available. 

Alternative Japanese Shallow Bachi

We also offer this style of oriental water bowl in our Nara range of products. It too is carved from Silver grey granite, but with a more rustic finish.

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45 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm

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