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The Tetsu Bachi Japanese water basin is very popular with all our customers. Hand carved in natural silver grey granite, this stone bowl is ideal for an oriental water feature. Typically, you would expect to see a Tetsu Bachi nestled into a bed of water worn cobble stones and accompanied by Kneeling stones to form the traditional arrangement.  Water gently trickles from a 50 cm Upright bamboo water spout and to complete the look use a decorative bamboo water Ladle & rest across the basin.  An Oribe lantern is the one most often seen with this basin, although any of the stone lanterns from our range will work well with this granite basin.

You are likely to need our water feature kit to make the stone basin work in your garden. For more details on what is required to make a water feature work please see our how to..set up a water feature guide sheet.

An alternative Tetsu Bachi Japanese Water Basin

The Tetsu Bachi style of water basin is also available in a bush hammered finish from our Nara range.

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